Vivekanand Research and
Training Institute

Publication of Monthly " Vivekgram."

  • Diwali issue of 2008 was published with informative and useful articles.

  • The magazine has entered 15th years.

  • Vivek gram is being th published on every 5 of the month regularly

Book Publication Activity

It has been a tradition of Vivekgram Publication to publish useful and motivational books. This year following books were published:

Sr. No Book Name Author No. of Copies


An Easy Hand Book of Spoken English. Pro. S.K.Thacker 1000 copies
2. Education Quality Ramesh Dave 1000 copies

Book Distribution Work

Book distribution work is going on in schools, libraries, workrers and institutes by Vivekgram. This year 624 books were distributed.

Release of book " Samaksha"

A book written by Mr. Madan Kumar Anjaria, a poet and writer of Vivekgram, was released in a programme attended by men of letters and citizens.