Vivekanand Research and
Training Institute


  • Environment protection, working for Green Revolution.
  • Empowerment of local institutions and programme implementation through them.
  • Micro-planning of the clusters and its implementation.
  • To synthesize natural and human resources of Kutch like solar power, wind power, mineral power, sea water and love of the land.
  • Rain water harvesting and people training for its efficient use.
  • Social building through people education.
  • To be useful to rural products through marketing.


We, the members of VRTI family commit to enhance integrated Sustainable development, Conserve and enrich natural resources, Implement result oriented programmes And generate need-based research, By Understanding the need of the people of rural areas, Becoming partners in their endeavor to be self reliant, Collaborating with experts and various organizations, And imparting relevant education, Training for skill, technologies and science while assisting all the people through Faith and co-operation in times of natural and manmade disasters.