Vivekanand Research and
Training Institute

In rural area main source of livelihood is agriculture and animal husbandry. Income from these sectors is neither regular nor fixed. So saving is very important for the rural people. In rural area household management is domain of women. To teach rural women regarding importance of saving will lead to benefit for family. VRTI has supported activities to form ‘Self Help Group’ to encourage women for regular saving and to grow sense of organization.

For each SHG, regular monthly meeting is held to discuss progress and other issues of group. All internal financial transaction is carried out during the meeting. For effective functioning of group, different capacity building activities for documentation, accounts, leadership are conducted through trainings.

With proper capacity building support, women could play role in financial stability of family. To provide additional income, vocational trainings of group members are also conducted. In these trainings members are trained to manufacture different items like pickles, Khakhara, Scented sticks, washing powder which could be produced at home. There are also trainings for sewing, embroidery and tie & dye work.

Over the years 6600 women has joined micro finance initiative with total saving of Rs. 24 million.

Impact of Activities:
  • Women playing role in decision making.
  • Women employment generation – 2300 women have started income generating activities, average monthly income – Rs.1500 to 2000
  • Vulnerability reduction due to financial growth.