Vivekanand Research and
Training Institute

India as a nation has made impressive strides in elementary education there are still 1,30,00,000 children who drop out or never go to school. Enrollment and educational outcomes remain particularly weak among children belonging to socially disadvantaged and marginalized group. Quality of education imparted in Government schools is very poor in spite of many efforts at National and State level. Challenges in rural area are far greater. Transportation, condition of roads and distance to remote rural area is a problem.

Under education project different educational activities have been carried out to provide acceleration to whole educational system in rural area of Kutch. These activities are not only limited to students but teachers are also involved in activities related to them. For students and teachers seminars, workshops and lectures are arranged on different subjects.

With an aim to develop a model school, two primary schools are run by VRTI at Mandvi and Nalia campus of VRTI. Different experiments and model educational activities are carried out.

Following are major objectives of educational programmes conducted by VRTI in different locations of Kutch:

  • Expose student to variety of creative activities like music, drawings, computers etc.
  • Different experiments are done to improve education.
  • Objective oriented cultural activities.
  • Organizing training, lectures and seminars for teachers.
  • Special coaching in English, Science and Math.

One of the multifarious activities of VRTI, Vivekgram - a monthly bulletin is published keeping in mind over all development of rural areas and creating community awareness. Under the same department every year books of interest are published.